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Most women care about their eye appearance. Even women who don’t wear much makeup will typically have at least mascara or an eyebrow pencil for special occasions, if not for their everyday look. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are an important part of your face and they help you to look put-together. The Tampa Makeup Artist wants women to feel comfortable with their face and their eyes. Let us help you complete your look.
Lift & Tint
An eyebrow lift and tint is something like a perm and dye for your hair. This procedure mimics the look of mascara and an eyelash curler, with one key difference – the time you save in the morning. You will wake up with perfect lashes and appear made up before you even get out of bed. Many women find that this gives them confidence to go without makeup. You can work with your makeup artist to find the perfect look for you. Some people prefer a heavily made up look and some prefer a subtle look. The Tampa Makeup Artist can discuss your options with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want.
Eyelash extensions are great for women looking for a dramatic look. This could be for an event or it could be their preferred every day look. Using extensions means that your eyelashes appear longer and darker. They could be applied for one day to complement your look for an event or photo shoot. They can also be applied in a way that allows them to stay attached so that you can keep your look until the extensions come out naturally. When considering lash work, you should consider all of your options. The Tampa Makeup Artist can help you decide whether extensions, lift and tint, or neither is best for you.
When having something done to your lashes, you will need to plan ahead a bit. We recommend that you have your procedure done in advance of your event. Try not to make any plans for the day of your procedure. You shouldn’t experience any adverse effects, but you may experience some redness or puffiness for a day or two. Come to your appointment without any eye makeup on and leave it off for the rest of the day. You can resume your normal makeup routine the next day.
Eyebrow Threading
Eyebrows can make or break a face. They can neaten your look and make you look put together even on a face with no makeup. Alternatively, if they are unkempt, they can detract from your otherwise well-put-together look. Eyebrow threading is a way to remove extra hairs and keep your brows in a shape that works for your face. It is a gentle alternative to waxing eyebrows and allows the technician to be more accurate with their motions to keep your eyebrows looking their best. There is far more room for error than with waxing, though an experienced professional like The Tampa Makeup artist, won’t make mistakes. 

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Eyebrow Threading