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preparing you for your photo session

The Tampa Makeup Artist offers more than hair and makeup services. We also offer photo and studio services so that you can have the memories of your special look forever. These photos will become a cherished part of your life story. In twenty years’ time you will look back at your photos and remember special times in your life. You will, of course, want to see the candid photos taken by friends and family and reminisce on how they saw you. But won’t you also want to look back and see yourself at your best in a professionally shot photo?
Reasons To Have A Photo Session
Any time you have a major event, you should hire a photographer. You want to have priceless memories, not dark or blurry phone photos. Many people hire photographers for graduations and weddings, but there are other important occasions you will want to remember. Think about family reunions, maternity or newborn shoots, family photo sessions, engagement photos, or any other major life event that you want to remember. We offer photos for your professional life as well. Do you need a professional head shot? Is your company planning a corporate party or meeting? What about photos to use in promotional materials? We can help with those as well.
Benefits To Using A Professional Photographer
Everyone wants to have nice photos of themselves and their family. These photos help to preserve your memories for the future and can be given as a gift or sent as a greeting. Photos are important so it’s important to make sure that they are done well. These days everyone has a camera with them at all times, but that doesn’t make everyone a photographer. When your photos matter, your photographer matters. A professional photo studio has all of the equipment needed to ensure that your photos are perfect and show you in the best possible light.
Services Offered In Our Photo Studio
Our photo studio offers a variety of portrait types and can accommodate your specific needs and wants. We can do your photos for any life event you have coming up. This includes professional photos, family photos, and candid or posed. You should set up a consultation talk to us about what you want, and we will work together make a plan for how to make it happen. Our makeup artists are also available to help you prepare so you look perfect in your photos.
Preparing For Your Photo Session
Before your photo session, you should think about what kind of photos you need. Your photographer will need to know what services you want in order to properly prepare for your session. Up close portrait photography is different than group photos. Also consider if you want your photos to appear candid or posed. In addition to planning for the photo style, you will need to prepare your look as well. Think about the colors that each person will be wearing and how they look together. While planning your looks, consider the background as well. 

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