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tattoo cover up

The Tampa Makeup Artist has done tattoo cover up jobs for Tampa residents for a long time. There are many reasons to cover a tattoo. No matter what your reason is, and no matter what your tattoo is, you can count on us to take care of it for you. We have the experience necessary to ensure that your tattoo is completely hidden before your big event. Call us to talk about the specifics of your tattoo and event to see how we can help you.
Why Cover Your Tattoo?
Your tattoo is special, and you want it to be a part of your life, and your body, for years to come. So why hide it? There are a lot of reasons that people cover their tattoos. The biggest reason is that not everyone would be happy to see the tattoo. Covering it allows the tattooed person to choose who sees it and under which circumstances. Maybe he has an upscale job that doesn’t allow tattoos. Maybe she doesn’t want to spend her wedding hiding her arm from Grandma. Maybe he is going through tattoo removal and wants to hide the faded art until the process is complete. No matter the reason, The Tampa Makeup Artist can help with your tattoo cover up.
Why Hire A Professional?
There are a lot of tattoo cover up products on the market now. Many people will use this to try to cover their own tattoos. So why should you call a professional? An amateur can cover a tattoo, but it won’t look ass good as a professional job. If you have an important one-time event, you won’t have the experience necessary to make it look natural. A professional can completely cover your tattoo without it looking made up or fake. The colors will match your skin and blend perfectly. 
Will It Be Noticeable?
No. Correctly applied, tattoo cover up makeup will completely blend in with your skin. Your makeup artist may use many different colors to get the perfect blend. This is because simply covering your tattoo with a heavy foundation in your skin color may cause your skin to look discolored. A professional can use contrasting colors to hide the tattoo under the foundation. Professionals are also experienced in the best application methods to ensure that your makeup blends rather than looking like a dark patch over the tattoo.
How Should I Prepare?
Before your tattoo cover up appointment, you should talk to your makeup artist about the size and colors in your tattoo so that your artist can anticipate the specifics of your appointment. How long it will take to cover, what problems may come up, and so on. On the day of your appointment, thoroughly clean both your tattoo and the skin around it so that the makeup can go on and look natural. If you are covering a tattoo where you have hair, you should remove the hair ahead of your appointment as well.  

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